National Council

The National Council

The National Council of the Prayer Book Society of Canada is responsible for governing the society, and includes both officers and members at large, called councillors. See the constitution for information on the government of the society and the election of officers and councillors.

The officers and councillors for 2021-2022 are:

National Chairman:

The Revd. Gordon Maitland, Windsor, ON

Past National Chairman:

The Revd. David A. Harris, Reading, England


The Revd. David Curry, Windsor, NS

Mr. Michael Edward, Belfast, PE


Mrs. Anne Chisholm, Charlottetown, PE

Recording Secretary:

Mr. Ronald Bentley, Ottawa, ON

Membership Secretary:

The Ven. Richard Spencer, Saskatoon, SK


Dr. Jesse Billett, Toronto, ON

Mr. Benjamin von Bredow, Halifax, N.S.

Mr. Pat Bryan, Port Hope, ON

Dean Chris Dow, Iqaluit, NU

The Revd. Walter Hannam, Toronto, ON

Mr. Louis Harris, Toronto, ON

Ms. Heather Herbison, Parksville, BC

Mr. Sid Holt, Calgary, AB

Mr. John Mathews, Edmonton, AB

Mr. Brian Munro, Brantford, ON

The Revd. Colin Nicolle, Summerside, PE

The Revd. Andrew Nussey, Oshawa, ON

The Revd. Matthew Perreault, Calgary, AB

Ms. Jo Ruelle, Calgary, AB

Mr. Desmond Scotchmer, Toronto, ON

The Revd. John Stennett, North Bay, ON

Dr. Diana Verseghy, Maple, ON

Mrs. Wendy Warren, Ottawa, ON

Mr. Kieran Wilson, Toronto, ON

Episcopal Visitor:

The Rt. Revd. Michael Hawkins, Bishop of Saskatchewan