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The Common Prayer Canada Mobile App:
Daily Prayers from the Book of Common Prayer

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This app, brought to you by the Prayer Book Society of Canada, aims to introduce the Book of Common Prayer to a new generation. The app automatically generates the full services for every day of the year, including the Psalms, Bible lessons, seasonal variations and collects, simplified and streamlined for a user-friendly experience. Just press “Pray”!

Our hope is that this app will advance the mission of the Society by making the Prayer Book more accessible, assisting Anglican laity and others in their daily prayers.

“The words of the Book of Common Prayer have a rare capacity not only to sink into the memory through their rhythms but to calm the very pace of our thoughts. They are words that help us to be open and still, to recognise with sober humility the greatness of what confronts us in the mysteries of our redemption.” (Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury).

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