BCP Online

1 Preface [page vii]
2 Solemn Declaration [page viii]
3 The Calendar [page ix]
4 Days of Fasting, Abstinence, and Solemn Prayer [page xiii]
5 A Table of Moveable Feasts [page xiv]
6 Tables of Lessons [page xvi]
7 Lessons Proper for Holy-Days not Included in the Foregoing Table
8 Tables of Psalms [page xiviii]
9 The Order for Morning Prayer [page 1]
10 Prayers at Midday [page 16]
11 The Order for Evening Prayer [page 17]
12 Additional Canticles [page 25]
13 The Litany [page 30]
14 Prayers and Thanksgivings [page 37]
15 A Bidding Prayer [page 62]
16 The Order of the Ministration of the Holy Communion [page 67]
17 The Collects, Epistles, and Gospels [page 94]
18 The Psalter [page 331]
19 The Ministration of Holy Baptism [page 522]
20 The Catechism [page 544]
21 The Order for Confirmation [page 556]
22 A Table of Kindred and Affinity [page 562]
23 The Solemnization of Matrimony [page 563]
24 The Thanksgiving after Child-birth [page 573]
25 The Ministry to the Sick [page 576]
26 The Order for the Burial of the Dead [page 591]
27 A Penitential Service [page 611]
28 Services on Special Occasions [page 616]
29 Harvest Thanksgiving [page 617]
30 An Order of Service for Young People [page 622]
31 Forms of Prayer to be used at Sea [page 628]
32 The Form and Manner of Making, Ordaining, and Consecrating of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons [page 637]
33 Form of Institution and Induction [page 668]
34 Office for Laying the Foundation Stone of a Church or Chapel [page 677]
35 Form of Consecration of a Church or Chapel [page 681]
36 Form of Consecration of a Church-yard [page 692]
37 The Creed of St Athanasius [page 695]
38 Articles of Religion [page 698]
39 The Original Preface (1549), Altered in 1552 and 1662, Concerning the Service of the Church [page 715]
40 Of Ceremonies, Why some be Abolished and some Retained (1549) [page 717]
41 The Preface Prefixed at the Revision of 1662 [page 719]
42 An Order for Compline [page 722]
43 Forms of Prayers to be used in Families [page 728]

“The Book of Common Prayer: a book so scriptural that it is full of scripture
from one end to the other, and built altogether upon it”
– Bp John Medley

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Hard copies of the BCP,
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the 1964 Canadian Book of Occasional Offices
and the 1938 Book of Common Praise,
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