Membership in the Prayer Book Society of Canada

Members of the PBSC receive our quarterly electronic mailings, and are entitled to attend all general and special meetings of the Society and to participate at these meetings in decisions respecting the government of the Society. Members are also permitted to attend and observe the bimonthly meetings of the National Council if they so desire. Membership in the Society is a prerequisite for election as a National Councillor or as an officer of the Society.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Society, you should become familiar with the Society’s aims and objectives as they are laid out in our national constitution. You should also explore the Society’s contributions to the counsels of the Church about what it means for Anglicans in this time and place to live faithfully according to the “Doctrine, Sacraments, and Discipline of Christ” (BCP p. viii) as these have been transmitted and received in the Book of Common Prayer. (See the About the Society page and the links within it.) By applying to become a member, you will be indicating your personal alignment with this ongoing work.

You do not have to belong to the Anglican Church of Canada to be a member of the Prayer Book Society. The Society welcomes as members persons who are affiliated with other Anglican jurisdictions, including the Anglican Network in Canada (a diocese of the Anglican Church in North America) and the “Continuing” Anglican Churches associated with the 1977 Affirmation of St. Louis. In their work to uphold and promote the Book of Common Prayer as a vitally relevant doctrinal standard and liturgical resource for the Church today, members of the Society rejoice in a unity that transcends the controversies that have divided Anglicans from each other in recent years. The Society also welcomes as members Anglicans from outside Canada and Christians from non-Anglican denominations who value the Book of Common Prayer as a gift to be shared with the whole Church.

If you share our goal of upholding the Book of Common Prayer as the beating heart of Anglican faith and witness, please join us as a member!

If you have any questions, please send us a message.

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