PBSC National Council Statement

This long-heralded and long delayed new hymnal will be available for sale sometime. The National Council of the Prayer Book Society of Canada wishes to make clear beyond peradventure that:

  1. Common Praise has been authorized for use in the Anglican Church of Canada by the General Synod acting pursuant to resolution of the General Synod 1995.
  2. Common Praise is not, however, an official or mandated hymnal or hymn book. Our church, unlike the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, has never had an official hymn book.
  3. The authorization of Common Praise by the General Synod Council does not give this hymnal the canonical status enjoyed by the Book of Common Prayer.
  4. No specific authorization is required from General Synod, the General Synod Council, or any Diocesan Bishop for the use of any hymn book in any church or chapel in the Anglican Church of Canada.
  5. Parishes and priests are under no obligation to use or purchase copies of Common Praise.
  6. The Society shares and has expressed in the past many grounds of criticism of Common Praise widely stated in the church and especially of the alterations to familiar hymns to promote the inclusive or feminine images of God the Father and inclusive and “politically correct” language generally.
  7. The Society will not sponsor or endorse the use of Common Praise in any way. It realizes, however, that some members will worship in churches where the new hymnal is used. Those members are urged to remain ever vigilant in maintaining the historic Trinitarian Faith once delivered.