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  1. The East – St. John’s
  2. The East – Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
  3. Quebec & Ontario – Montréal
  4. Quebec & Ontario – Ottawa
  5. Quebec & Ontario – Toronto
  6. Quebec & Ontario – Greater Niagara
  7. Quebec & Ontario – Grand Valley
  8. Quebec & Ontario – Windsor
  9. Quebec & Ontario – North Bay
  10. The West – Saskatoon
  11. The West – Calgary
  12. The West – Edmonton
  13. The West – Vancouver
  14. The West – Vancouver Island



The East – St. John’s

The St. John’s, Newfoundland branch usually hosts four (4) meetings a year, and publishes an occasional newsletter. It also promotes and distributes the St. Peter Publications Prayer Book Calendar in the area.

Branch Contact
Mr. Michael Donnan – 709.753.5193


The East –
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

This branch has its own website with information, announcements, and newsletters.

Branch Contact
Benjamin Lee – 902.431.9899


Quebec & Ontario – Montréal

The Montreal Branch’s main activity is its Annual General Meeting, with a Prayer Book Service and dinner. The branch also plans other occasional meetings and activities, including outings, and publishes a newsletter to advise members of these activities.

Branch Contact


Quebec & Ontario – Ottawa

The Ottawa branch publishes a newsletter three times a year.

Branch Publications
Issues of the branch’s newsletter are available below in PDF format.

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Branch Contact
Mr. Wesley Warren – 613.726.6341


Quebec & Ontario – Toronto

The Toronto Branch of the Prayer Book Society of Canada was formed in 1991. Its mandate is to further the aims of the Society in the Diocese of Toronto. The many activities of the branch include:

  • Bringing the concerns of the Society before bishops and theological colleges;
  • Organizing lectures and workshops to provide teaching on the Prayer Book and the classical Anglican way;
  • Producing a quarterly newsletter to inform members of our activities and concerns;
  • Holding events to introduce young people to the Book of Common Prayer and the riches of our Anglican heritage;
  • Providing bursaries and other assistance to divinity students sympathetic to the use of the Book of Common Prayer;
  • Producing literature on aspects of the Prayer Book and Anglicanism;
  • Assisting needy parishes with the purchase of Prayer Books;
  • Organizing services of worship according to the Book of Common Prayer;
  • Making common cause with other groups that are committed to the spiritual renewal of our Church.

To become a member, or to be placed on the branch mailing list, please contact the branch president, Dr. Diana Verseghy (details below). There is no membership fee, but donations are gratefully received and are tax-deductible. Receipts are issued for all donations of $10 or more.

Branch Publications

The Lamp: Aug 2016 | Feb 2016 | Dec 2015 Sept 2015 Mar 2015 Dec 2014 | Sept 2014 | May 2014 | February 2014 | December 2013 | September 2013 | April 2013 | February 2013 | December 2012 | September 2012 | April 2012 | February 2012 | December 2011 | September 2011 | May 2011 | March 2011 | October 2010 | April 2010 | February 2010 | March 2009 | December 2008 | September 2008

President’s Letters:  Aug 2016 | Feb 2016 | Dec 2015 | Sept 2015 | Mar 2015 | Dec 2014 |  | May 2014 | February 2014 | December 2013 | September 2013 | April 2013 | February 2013 | November 2012 | September 2012 | April 2012 | February 2012 | December 2011 | September 2011 | April 2011 | March 2011 | November 2010 | September 2010 | April 2010 | February 2010 | November 2009 | April 2009 | February 2009 | November 2008

Branch Contact
Dr. Diana Verseghy – 905.303.4490 | diana.verseghy AT sympatico DOT ca


Quebec & Ontario – Greater Niagara

The Greater Niagara Branch (formerly the Niagara North and St. Catherine’s-Niagara branches) encompasses the area of the Anglican Church of Canada’s Niagara Diocese.
The branch maintains a Facebook group, and publishes a quarterly newsletter The Niagara Light.

The Branch is very youth-oriented, with very active young members who fill many of the executive positions – from recording secretary to web master.

Members of the branch also support the St. Michael’s Youth Conference of Ontario, Essentials Niagara and Anglican Essentials Canada, as well as their own parishes and the diocese.
An annual meeting with election of officers is held in the winter and other ad hoc events, including barbeque’s and wine tours etc., happen with frequency and informality.

Branch Contact


Quebec & Ontario – Grand Valley

The Grand Valley branch covers the central part of South-Western Ontario, from the shore of Lake Erie to Georgian Bay.

The branch hopes to form an Institute in the Saugeen – Georgian Bay area. The Branch sends out a quarterly newsletter, “The Epistle,” with “The Lamp,” the joint publication of the Ontario branches. It also gives financial support to the Ontario St. Michael’s Youth Conference. It hosts an annual “Church Crawl,” an exploration of three or four historic churches in the area, on a summer Saturday afternoon.

An annual meeting with election of officers is usually held in October.

Branch Publications
“The Lamp” is a cooperative publication of Ontario branches [click here]

Branch Contact
Mr. Brian Munro – 519.756.3053 | brianmunro AT rogers DOT com


Quebec & Ontario – Windsor

Covering the Windsor area.

Branch Contact
The Rev. Gordon Maitland – 519.254.290 [?]


Quebec & Ontario – North Bay

Covering the North Bay area.

Branch Contact
The Rev. John Stennett – jamlsnb AT cogeco DOT ca


The West – Saskatoon

The Saskatoon branch is the only one in the entire province, and its boundaries are co-terminous with the Diocese of Saskatoon, which stretches across the middle of Saskatchewan. The branch hosted the PBSC’s National AGM in 2005 and encourages all its members to donate to the national body rather than to the branch, whose small overheads are easily covered by the coffee money collected at meetings.

Members of the branch meet at All Saints’ Church, 1801 Lorne Avenue in Saskatoon, which is now the only church in the city to use the BCP at all services. Meetings are held monthly from September through April, except for December, when the parish’s Christmas program takes precedence. The branch was set up as the result of a visit by the PBSC’s former chairman, Mr. Michael Edward, and is motivated by his injunction to “educate ourselves.” Several members of the branch have given lectures on such subjects as Anglican hymnody and various books of the Old Testament. Lectures given by eminent theologians, including some delivered at the Atlantic School of Theology and recorded on DVD for Parish Alive, have been watched and discussed, and recently the branch has studied a course by Dr. Michael Green, also recorded as a DVD. All meetings are open to the general public.

The branch has been delighted to host two book-signing visits from Sue Careless to promote vols. I and II of “Discovering the Book of Common Prayer: A Hands On Approach.” Both volumes sold well, and members look forward to welcoming Sue back with her forthcoming final volume in the trilogy.

Branch Contact
The Ven. Richard Spencer- 306.649.3448 | kentvic AT gmail DOT com


The West – Calgary

The Calgary branch serves the parishes of southern Alberta promoting the historic traditions and apostolic teachings of the Church of England and the Book of Common Prayer.  We are currently looking for a parish to champion our goals in supporting evangelism, defending biblical orthodoxy, and promotion the teachings and use of the BCP.


Fr. Rob Taylor, President – 403.612.5721 | fr.rob AT shaw DOT ca


The West – Edmonton

The Edmonton branch covers the diocese of Edmonton, and draws most of its members from the city of Edmonton. Branch events are held at churches in Edmonton, and include a Speaker Series co-sponsored by various parishes in the diocese, Evensongs, and an occasional Hymn-Sing. The branch also publishes a quarterly newsletter.

Branch Contact
Mr. John Matthews – 780.457.2207


The West – Vancouver

In abeyance.


The West – Vancouver Island

The Vancouver Island branch meets on the third Saturday of every other month, from January to November. A social barbeque is usually held in Nanaimo in July. Meetings are held at various churches throughout the Island, with at least one each year in Victoria. An Annual Meeting is held in November, and an executive elected for the calendar year. A small newsletter is published before each general meeting.

Meetings start with a business meeting at 11 am, followed by lunch at noon, a speaker at 1 p.m., and Evensong at 2:30. The speakers, usually clergy from the diocese, cover a wide range of topics and points of view, but always touch on issues of interest to members.

At present the branch draws members from all over Vancouver Island, but due to the difficulty of travel, especially in winter, a separate branch (or institute) may soon be set up in Victoria.
The branch also sponsors a bursary of $500 for a student in the Anglican Studies program at Regent College (Vancouver) who is planning to work in the Anglican Church of Canada.

Branch Publications
Newsletter – October 2012

Branch Contact
Ms. Heather Herbison – Heather707ca AT yahoo DOT ca